Bringing Bharathi consumer care’s newest innovation into your laundry room and meet Zavine detergent tablets. The single capsule has everything you need for clean, bright, and fresh-smelling clothes.

How to use the new zavaine detergent capsules
  • Place the capsule at the back of the drum: It is important that you put the Zavaine laundry capsule at the back of the empty drum, before putting in your washing This will allow for the capsule to dissolve properly and not get caught in one of the garments for the whole cycle, which could leave you with residue on your clothing.
  • Do not overload the washing machine: If there isn’t sufficient space or water for the clothing to move around in the wash cycle, this can cause the washing detergent capsule to leave a residue. Make sure to allow for about 10 centimeters of space between the top of the drum and your laundry. 
  • Use the right temperature: Read the product’s label carefully. If the instructions state that you should use a washing temperature above 30 degrees, it means that the capsule will activate and dissolve only if you set the machine at the required temperature.
India’s first detergent tablets from Bharathi consumer care

These Laundry detergent tablets contain superior quality laundry detergent which is designed in a convenient-to-use form. Instead of having to carry around a bottle or box of detergent, you can just take a small, lightweight tab or two.

Each zavaine capsule is powerful enough to wash 3 pairs of clothes

  • Less energy in manufacturing
  • Less space in warehouses
  • Reduced potential waste as there is no dosing and messiness involved
  • Garment longevity
  • Reduced potential overdose, hence reduced number of rewashes needed to rinse off the excess detergent