Our Journey began Fourty years ago a young man in search of his livelihood, came from his birthplace Tuticorin of Tamilnadu to GUNTUR with a petty pocket cash of  Rs.250/– and 5(five) Cases of detergent Soaps started his career initially as a detergent Soap vendor by the door-to-door canvassing on cycle Rickshaw. 

He crossed many hurdles in his life ambition to become a small Soap manufacturer, and luck favored him, and finally he achieved his goal by sincere efforts by establishing a small handmade manufacturing unit under tough marketing competition in GUNTUR. Now he is the founder of 2 detergent soap factories which come under Large Scale Industry and are running successfully, by creating employment to more than 2,000 families directly and indirectly, –  he is the person Sri ARUNACHALAM MANICKAVEL,  is one of the Best Industrialists in Andhra Pradesh.

Journey to greatness began when M/S. BHARATHI SOAP WORKS initially mass-produced only Medium quality products in this new factory at Gorantla village, GUNTUR.  But now manufacturing Best and Budget quality detergent soaps and Washing Powders also under the brand name “TRIPLE-X (XXX).   

With the increase in market share and to face the market competition, it also started to produce and introduced so many new brands with reasonable Charges by maintaining different styles of detergent packing viz.- XXX  Soap, XXX  DIAMOND Soap, MAGIC, BINKA, SAREGAMA, etc. appropriate for different types of customers.  

All the above-said brands are suitable for hard water as well as soft water washing purposes also.